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   Insult SMS

Sometimes, my mind asks. Why I miss you? Why I care for you? Why I remember you? Why I text you? Then my heart answered, Mongoloids need more care! Hehehe. Now, you e smiling! =)

Who Wants 2 B A £MILLIONAIRE£ Lets play? Q.Nobody likes you because you are a: A.Cunt B.Wanker C.Rsole D.Twat 50/50 Phone a friend? Ring me! I will tell you!

Press Down if u think u r MAD. I can Believe u Did That! Again? For God Sake! LORD!! Why u Still Doing it? Truth is out now! MENTAL CASE!!

Your network tariff has changed! Call charges are now calculated according to brain size. The smaller the cheaper! Congrats You can make free calls!

I saw U on ROAD today. U were lukin SO fine, Ur face SO divine, Ur walk SO perfect. My HEART started singing a Sweet Song: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!

Have u seen a monkey wrapped in plastic? No??? Quickly see your driving license.

Two devils came in 2 my dreams. They said-We want 2 disturb some good person. I suggest them ur name. They said -We cannot disturb our boss.

You=lovely You=perfect You=beautiful You=amazing You=sweet You=cute You=genius You=fantastic You=fabulous Me=liar

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