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Movie Review


Release On: Sept 3, 2009

Three - Love, Lies, Betrayal is all about the broken hearts of a couple and about a stranger making much use of it.


Three - Love, Lies, Betrayal star casts Nausheen Ali Sardar, Akshay Kapoor & Ashish Chowdhary in the main leads.


Mrs. Anjini Dutt (Nausheen Ali Sardar) is married to Rajeev Dutt (Aksay Kapoor) and they both stay in a place called purple lake. The movie narrates the happenings in a house between a wife, husband and a stranger.


Mrs.Anjini Dutt is a violin teacher who teaches music to the children and earns her living and runs the family. On the other hand her husband Rajeev Dutt was not able to earn anything and depends on his wife`s earnings, which leads to anger and frustration which disturbs their married life.


As the days goes on, anger & frustration takes the shape of Ego and finally bursts out asking his wife to sell her house and give him money to start a business. 


Anjini Dutt gets furious as her house is her only connection with her parents who are no more. She decides to help her husband by renting one portion of her house, so that her husband can make use of that money for his business.


Sanjay (Ashish Chowdhary) comes as a tenant to stay in the rented portion of the house and comes to know about the problems that the couple are actually facing. He sympathizes with her and in the process both of them fall in love.


Did Sanjay really loved Anjini?


Did Anjini make a mistake ?


Does Rajeev come to know about their affair?


How does Anjini overcome this problem?


Does Rajeev trust his wife Anjani ?


Three Love, Lies & Betrayal - The love is ruined, as they let a stranger in their lives.


Don`t miss to watch Thre Love, Lies & Betrayal in the theatres


Ashish Chowdhry,Nausheen Ali Sardar,Akshay Kapoor


  • Producer: -
  • Director: Vishal Pandya
  • Music:
  • Choreography: -
  • Writer: -
  • Editor: -

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